The guys at Air Performance continue to impress me every time I call. Whether I have a question they can help with over the phone, just need a part, or I have a major emergency they have came through every single time.

Brandon Ulrich | Engineer, Property Management

What do you see as the differentiator between Air Performance and other companies? Service quality and always available to help meet project deadlines.

Adam Nunez | Moody Rambin

Air Performance is very trustworthy and not just trying to replace equipment.  I had a contractor pushing to sell me a new cooling tower telling me mine would be lucky to last another week.  Air Performance explained to me that this wasn’t the case and was able to extend the life of the equipment for a few more years.

Greg Miller | Jones Lang Lasalle

Air Performance Services of Houston has bailed me out for many years now and have always been extremely responsive. An event that comes to mind is from a couple years ago when I had a cooling tower motor fail at a property located 1 ½ hours away from Houston. Local contractor was experiencing issues locating parts and I reached out to my Houston contractor AP. They located parts, mobilized immediately & had this cooling tower at 100% by the end of the day.

Joe Guillen, SMA/SMT | Chief Engineer | Griffin Partners, Inc.