APS Philanthropy

Light House for Students


Lighthouse for Students provides programs for Houston’s at-risk-youth, illuminating the pathway to positive outcomes and equipping students to make wise choices. We exist to engage, impact, empower, and bridge gaps in order to prevent children from becoming a statistical tragedy of their environment.

Lighthouse for Students has a class period where volunteers teach the I Am Worthy curriculum. We have a tutoring program as well as a washroom where we hire students to handle the laundry for students and family.  As well as many other support items.

Mission Regan


Mission Regan is a 501c3 non-profit organization that exists to bridge the chasm between people who have too much and people who struggle to survive. We collect supplies, medication, and medical equipment, then send them to those who are in desperate need – locally and globally. We focus on what we can learn from the people we are giving to, rather than what we are doing for them, and aim to sustain and continue relationships with the people we help. We believe that we can all help each other, regardless of our status.

Gregg Pearson Foundation


The mission of the Gregg Pearson Foundation is to provide financial, spiritual, and emotional support to families and friends who are dealing with cancer and other acute illnesses.  We do this by personal connections with those we are helping and normally the financial assistance helps with car payments, mortgage/rent payments, utility payments, etc.

Larry Sauls and Friends


Larry Sauls and Friends is a 501c3 nonprofit working to support needy citizens through various charitable channels and endeavors.

Remember the Fallen


We as a society often forget and take for granted the safeties and securities that are provided to us by our military and first responders. For the past 6 years, myself and those involved with Remember the Fallen have found purpose in bringing awareness back to the public about the cost of such securities and how it not only affects the families but has a ripple effect across the country. Safety and security are not a guarantee, nor have they ever been.  Yet for those that dawn that cloak of responsibility of protecting us at home and abroad there has never been a second of hesitation for the duties to which they took an oath.

Remember the Fallen dedicates itself to honoring those that have paid the ultimate price while safeguarding all that they love at home. It is not just those that are KIA, it is also those that have a life-changing event in such a way that they are no longer able to dawn that cloak of responsibility for the protection of family, friends, and society in general.

We understand that these life changing events that occur come at a cost many cannot even fathom and it is our hope to help alleviate some of this burden through supporting in anyway that we can. We choose families every year tor raise money for and then at the end of that year we ride to hand deliver checks to them with the gratitude of a nation.

Our Locations

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11050 W Little York Rd Bldg P
Houston, TX 77041

(972) 387-3334
2413 S. Shiloh Road
Garland, Texas 75041

Fort Worth
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2744 SE Loop 820
Ft. Worth, Texas 76140

San Antonio
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